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Spiders in homes are not dangerous. They are helping most households in dealing with other types of pests, like flies or bugs. They create a beautiful web and attract these and once caught they’ll be a nutritious food for them. They could apply for a professional license as a pest exterminator, just saying.


But even if they are helping houses, they can also be a bit annoying and cause allergies. There are recent studies conducted that their webs contain pollen grains that later on can cause allergies such as rhinitis or inflammation in the nose.



Common type of spiders in Chula Vista, California


  • Tarantula
  • Black widow
  • Cellar
  • Brown widow
  • Yellow sac
  • Orb-weaver
  • Wolf
  • Garden
  • Grass


Among these spiders, there are poisonous ones. Like the black widow and brown widow. Only experts who are trained to get rid of these can safely remove this pest.


Black widow spider

From the name itself, you may know that this type of pest identifies as a female. Female black widow is usually bigger than the male version of it. They also bite and when they bite, you may or may not feel the prick. But surely you’ll swell or experience redness right away. High blood pressure, nausea, and sweating can also be felt.


You must be careful when dealing with this, they can be dangerous especially when you infiltrate their nest, where their eggs are laid. Call Chula Vista Pest Terminator right away!


Brown widow spider

They tend to live outside of our homes. Usually on gardens, trees or somewhere exposed. Their bite is less venomous than the black widow spider. But even if it is not severe, we should not be too comfortable poking or touching them. Only expert exterminators can safely remove these pests in your backyard.


Chula Vista Spider Solution

Discarding these dangerous spiders can be done in an hour or a day. If you want to be guaranteed safe and money efficient, call us now and we’ll give you the details about how we will deal with this problem of yours. Also, we offer natural removal products that come with the treatment that we will give to you if you avail of our service. Contact us and we’ll give you a free quote!


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