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How well do we know rats? How do they get from one place and into your household? And how do we get rid of them?

Over the years, rodents are found not just in the countryside but also in the urban areas, where commercial buildings and most businesses grow. It is essential to dispose of them immediately, otherwise it will cause damage not just on the materials of a certain home or building, but also to a person’s health. 

Imagine sleeping and then a rat or mouse starts crawling all over your body, some may leave pellet-like feces. What a nightmare!

Rat eating


What are the usual methods people apply to be rodent-free? 


  1. Keep your space clean. A clean house is a safe house, they say. But you can’t guarantee 100% that they will not invade your home. But you can always do this just so you can be safe. Always seal leftover food. Inspect holes or other open areas where they may enter. Make sure pipes are sealed so that they will not enter. 
  2. Set traps. Pretty sure you have watched Tom and Jerry and the appearance of mousetraps with cheese. This is one of the tools people use in Chula Vista to capture these pests. We also have sticky mouse traps or store-bought chemical rat killer, but make sure to use this with care.
  3. Capture and dispose of. The normal reaction of a person who encountered a mouse or rat is to capture it quickly and dispose of if possible. Containers or boxes are used as traps so that when the rat runs unto it, we can easily drag it outside to throw away or kill it.


Using these methods can help you minimize their number. But this doesn’t surely promise a rodent-free house. All money and efforts are put to waste if you see another rodent across the room. You’ll get irritated and disgusted. Not only that, but you may also acquire a disease if they multiply and fully infiltrate your area. Leptospirosis and Hantavirus are the most known disease acquired from these pests.


Disease from rodents


Leptospirosis is a type of disease that you can get when you have a broken skin or open wound and came in contact with the water and urine of rat. The treatment can vary but if it is not severed, a prescription of antibiotics may be issued by the doctor. Hantavirus is a severe respiratory disease and has no cure as of the moment. This can be acquired if exposed or cam in contact with rats.

Will you wait for these diseases to affect your health?


Rodent Exterminators


We are the experts for this type of pest. Money and effort will not come to waste once you give us a call because we do not just get rid of them but we want to make sure that their nest or their passage to the house is blocked. Chula Vista Rodent Control Service is one of the best services we can offer to you. We will use our products and give you a customized plan, depending on what you need after we have inspected the area. Do not hesitate because Chula Vista Pest Terminator only provides highly trained pest exterminators and we guarantee safety for you and your family. Contact us now and we’ll give you a free quote today!

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